Friday 13 November 2009

Google Maps is losing its marbles

I am not sure what is up with Google Maps this week. Usually its public transport directions are very accurate and incredibly useful. But both Mrs Alex and I have experienced some really weird directions from the site this week.

The first image is one Mrs Alex found, suggesting she walk a massive loop to almost back where she started, to catch a bus to a metro station she would have walked past, which is in the wrong direction anyway!

The second image is one I got when I asked for directions to a location near McGill University. Apparently I should hop on the metro to McGill, then walk all the way back home, and walk back to McGill again.

Crazy! I suspect heads will roll at Google when they notice this regression bug :-)

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S E Barker said...

Hi Alex! I found this blog through a link on your other blog...
I must admit, nothing like this has happened to me on Google Maps as of yet!
I couldn't help but notice on your Twitter feed you have Google Wave invites, any chance you could send one my way? My Dad is rather intrigued about it, I can't say I'm as intrigued as him but it does look like an interesting concept.

Alex said...

Sure, I'd be happy to. Just send me your email address.